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Here at Caro Wall, we’re always on the lookout for ways to make the work of our artists go the extra mile, and look even more beautiful in your home. Our collection of framed paintings has been carefully curated to hit all the right notes in this regard, and appeal to those who love the finer things in life - after all, what could be more elegant than an original artwork, framed and stunningly mounted, hanging on the walls of your home? Framing an evocative, striking, or much-loved image immediately adds a certain sense of finesse and sophistication to the painting, and gives you the power to transforms your space into something really rather special.

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We understand the power of great art, and we are constantly motivated to produce items which can bring their transformative power to your chosen space. We want our products to bring your dormant senses to life, to allow you to express yourself, and to keep you on the cutting edge of the creative sphere. By gathering together talented and visionary artists from all over the world, and by offering their designs in beautifully-made frames, Caro Wall is helping you bring the world of art into your own homes.

We always strive to use technology and production methods that ensure the best quality, the greatest durability and the utmost in depth of colour. Our framed pictures are printed onto smooth satin paper of the highest quality, featuring a density of 200g / m2 and stretched onto a durable HDF board. Our frames come in a range of four different colours, giving you the freedom to match your frame with your home décor. The frames themselves come in a simple form, with a profile thickness of 2.5cm x 1.6cm - this design has been chosen to help the item blend harmoniously into the space in which they'll be hung.

Once unpacked, your beautiful framed picture is ready for hanging on your wall, and for adding that sense of elegance that only a framed painting can provide.

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