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Deco Panel Circle

Deco Panel Circle
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Deco Panel Circle

Innovation comes from thinking outside the box, breaking from convention, and approaching life from new perspectives. This was the inspiration for our Deco Panel Circle products; beautiful paintings presented in the shape of a circle, a design choice which is ideal for modern interiors, and which offers a way of expressing your unique sense of style. These circular prints are dedicated to those who look for the original yet refined, the contemporary yet classic, and who are enthusiasts of all things unusual, unprecedented and decidedly unexpected.

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The Caro Wall Deco Panel Circles are printed onto wonderfully smooth, satin paper, and communicate a sense of beauty and originality at its finest. We've sought out talented artists from all over the world who - like us - are dedicated to making the world a better place via their creativity. By presenting their work in the form of a circle, we're taking the work of these creatives to new heights, and expanding the horizons of home design by creating even more eye-catching images than ever before.

As with all of our products, the Deco Panel is printed onto smooth paper of a high density - 200g / m2 - which is finished with a delightful satin texture. In order to create an eye-catching 3D effect, the printed board has been fixed to a backboard which is hidden when viewed from the front - this gives the striking impression that the print is coming out from the wall, making the image even more impactive and unmissable.

Our printing techniques ensure that our picture quality is as close to that of a traditionally painted image as possible. The result? Beautifully made, unique and eye-catching art, which is sure to brighten any space and make your wall a powerful statement of your personal sense of style. Once unpacked, the product is ready to be hung, and is sure to bring a new and wonderful dimension to your home.

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