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Unexpected Grace

Unexpected Grace
A pallet of colours
    About the Inspiration

    Both Life and interior design are all about making your mark, leaving an impression, and impacting a sense of yourself on others. To step into this room is sure to achieve such things - and more besides - with its combination of timeless classicism, boundless warmth and romance, and the kind of surprising details which never fail to warrant a second look. With that stunning vintage racing green wall, one is immediately put in mind of everything from Dutch Old Masters to hipster coffee shops in London’s East End - and yet there is harmony in contrast, and joy in contradiction. Natural wood, house plants, and retro furnishings complete the look and cement the sense of style… and then the eye turns to the triptych of original prints. What appear at first glance to be stylised portraits reveal themselves to be full of unexpected pop culture references, beautifully executed in ways which are as rewarding as they are fascinating. This room is a personality unleashed, a unique sense of style laid out with pride, and a fantastic display of real taste and unabashed creativity.

    Works of Art used in the Interior Inspiration
    • 1. I'll be right here / Barrett Biggers / 56
    • 2. Forest Gatekeeper / Barrett Biggers / 56
    • 3. Beware the door / Barrett Biggers / 56
    I'll be right here
    Forest Gatekeeper
    Beware the door

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