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Splashes of Style

Splashes of Style
A pallet of colours
    About the Inspiration

    When worlds of style collide, truly excite results can quickly come about. In this setup, we can see how a minimalist retro colour scheme, a hip and modern set of room accessories, and a trio of truly popping prints come together to provide a slick and on-trend interior. Whether you’re a teenager wanted to show off a mature sense of fashion and taste, or a young adult with a playful idea of what a bedroom should be, the monochrome palette of this bedroom gets a real lift from the prints artfully arranged above the bed. This is a superb example of how a bedroom can be both youthful and sophisticated, and of how dynamism and relaxation need not be a world apart. What’s more, those gorgeously rich art prints are the ideal way to show off what really matters in your world, while providing a grown-up way of injecting some real fun into your personal space.

    Works of Art used in the Interior Inspiration
    • 1. Chris Brown / dmtry.belov / 56
    • 2. Glamorous Sea Turtle / Andrea Haase / 56
    • 3. Gigi / dmtry.belov / 56
    Chris Brown
    Glamorous Sea Turtle

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